Salad Bowl

Our first product, this elegant walnut salad bowl, was a labor of love. Standard production methods would have resulted in 90% waste and it took months to find an eco-friendly solution. The result: walnut veneer wrapped around a mold minimized waste while creating the same elegant form. 

Bamboo Serving Tray

Made of fast-growing bamboo, this material offers a similar feel and durability to wood without the ecological impact. Starting with a simple plane, the subtle curves create a topography ideal for serving. The tray is coated in natural beeswax.    

Rosebud Felt Bowl

Made of industrial felt from recycled wool fibers, this product minimizes waste due to its cut and unique shape. Starting flat, the folded panels transform into a sculptural rosebud shaped bowl. This product was included in the New York Times twice including their article "Feeling Felt." 

Spice Block

This salt cellar (or spice holder) started with a partnership with a neighboring window frame manufacturer. When we discovered that dumpsters full of mahogany off-cuts were headed for a landfill, we reclaimed the wood and gave them a new life. This was our first product to be sold at the MoMA store in NYC.  

Salt + Pepper Shakers

Made from furniture off-cuts - the bits and pieces destined for the trash - these walnut and beech wood shakers were sold at the Museum of Modern Art store and included in their Destination NYC show featuring New York designers.  

The Piazza Collection

A mass-produced line of disposables using upcyled material. Made from bagasse, the residual pulp leftover after sugarcane has been pressed, these stylish plates re-create an elegant dining experience while being eco-friendly. 

Set of Wooden Stones

Made from furniture off-cuts, this collection of tealights, stones, and a miniature bud vase makes use of wood waste while adding a touch of charm to any environment.