Diane handles projects of all types and sizes, but delights in working with spaces that provide a deep experiential connection such as kitchens and restaurants.

In addition to Diane's design experience, she understands the world of food. She spent years working at Gourmet Magazine in New York and has published a number of articles for Saveur, Lucky Peach, Paris by Mouth, and others. She has also acted as a consultant to a number of restaurants in Paris.   

Diane is a graduate of Smith College in Northampton, MA and Pratt Institute in New York. Since 2013 she has been based in France and lives between Paris and Biarrtiz.


who we are

Is our philosophy that you can have products and environments that enhance your life while taking into account people and our planet  

Live WEll, Live Right

Founded by Diane Ruengsorn, the idea for Domestic Aesthetic was born from her experiences in the furniture industry. While apprenticing for a furniture designer/manufacturer, she witnessed the chemicals and materials that workers were exposed to on a daily basis. Many of these substances are known to cause cancer or other chronic health conditions. This led Diane to believe that products could be produced with people-friendly materials and methods that didn’t harm anyone in the process.

We go beyond simply incorporating eco-friendly materials. Our methods focus on functionality - how you use the space - and combine it with stylish solutions. Our mission is to achieve each client's goals while allowing them to "live well, live right."  

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